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Shop Introduction.

Rhude has grown a lot since it first performed with Lamar. Earlier this month, the brand presented its first runway show in Paris. In addition to his streetwear empire, he collects boots since high school, a less expected addition. He also wants to learn more about tailoring and furniture design. We wanted to introduce something larger and connect with a wider audience in the process.
Growing up in the Philippines, he developed a love of fashion. In the beginning, his father was an inspiration to him. As he remembered, his father wore Gucci apparel! He would wear Gucci clutches with loafers and a Polo shirt tucked in.”
As a child, Rhude clothing learned to sew clothes from his mother. ” It was her skill to make patterns. The clothing she made was incredible. Throughout the process, I watched her.

Rhude Hoodie.

In the summer, go for the sleeveless hoodie. You’ll stay as warm as you would in a regular hoodie. ! You start out with the hood up, then take it down once you’ve really warmed up.
In the media, images of youths in hoodies can appear menacing, even in personalized hoodies, simply because their faces are hidden. The lack of human connection can be frightening when you cannot see the faces of large groups. Media constructions, snobbery, and fear of the young are mixed with prejudice against the humble hoodie…an unpleasant cocktail.

Rhude T-Shirts.

The men’s shirt has been around for a long time; however, until the eighteenth century, it was worn only under outer garments. As uninvited undergarments, suit jackets are considered faux pas by men who remove them uninvited. It was Brown, Davis, and Co. that introduced the first man’s shirt to have buttons down the front. Shirts for men and women have evolved over time to become formal and casual.

Rhude pant.

There are many riders who like pants that don’t resemble motorcycle pants. Therefore, they wear denim motorcycle pants that look, feel, and perform like blue jeans and other cotton pants. Airy, comfortable, and very cool, they are a great alternative to leather and synthetic fabric pants. However, denim tears easily and offers virtually no protection against abrasion or impact. It is necessary to incorporate such protection.
The inside of denim pants can be lined with Kevlar to protect your knees, hips, thighs, and seat from abrasion. It is also possible to find denim pants with padding on the knees and hips that absorb impact. In a severe accident, denim pants cannot provide as much protection as a well-designed pair of leather or synthetic textile pants.
If you ride, it’s best to wear a well-designed pair of strategically-padded, Kevlar-reinforced denim motorcycle jeans rather than your typical department-store blue jeans

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